Stratford-Upon-Avon, U.K.

WS - Tools for Tough Cases 2-day Workshop

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Sunday, March 4th and Monday March 5th, 2018
Stratford Crowne Plaza Hotel in Stratford-Upon-Avon from 9.30am - 5.30pm

  • Ever have trouble getting to the core event?
  • Want proven ways to cut through to the solution? 
  • Ever get a bit nervous on where to start with a complex issue? 
  • Would you like proven and reliable ways to find the related ECHOs to solve the problem?
  • Want to help you and your clients faster and more gently? 

Karin Davidson has been using and training EFT & Matrix for over a decade and has found and developed many tools to assist helping both clients and practitioners.  As well as training in a large variety of therapies, Karin has studied with 28 of the 29 Founding EFT Masters worldwide amassing many skills along the way which she would like to share with you 

A Wealth of Information and Wisdom
"I walked away from Karin's training with many resources, and as a new practitioner I appreciated Karin's ability to talk about complex concepts in a way that I could understand.  She exudes passion and enthusiasm for her work that is absolutely contagious.  My favorite part of this training is when Karin pairs the concepts with real life examples.  It is obvious that she takes her work seriously and is a wealth of information and wisdom.  She takes time to answer questions, but makes sure that you walk away with all of the resources! AND Karin is absolutely fascinating to watch!"
- Barbara Huggins, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Student  

Karin's teaching is real-world and her engaging style easily allows students to experience and learn a wide variety of session tools.  Her purpose is to give you specific proven methods to help your clients resolve their presenting issues. Students will leave with an abundance of resources in their toolbox. Karin is a refreshing and entertaining trainer, offering a wealth of knowledge and experiential case studies.  

In this two-day course you will learn: 

  • The Release and Replace ShortcutTM - A method developed by Karin to help release the pain and emotional damage of reoccurring issues, feelings, problems and pressures in one session - AND find the specific ECHOs that may need attention for subsequent sessions. 
  • Resources your clients can be empowered with to use between sessions to continue the work safely. 
  • How to use resources such as "Messages from the Body" and Biogeneology to help you and your clients find ECHOs by tuning into the traumas behind physical issues.  
  • Time Line AccessTM (developed by Karin) and more methods to locate ECHO(s) even when you or your client is having trouble finding the root cause.
  • Utilizing Emotional Release to empower the client
  • Aromatherapy tools to balance blood pressure, release resistance and settle the system after a session.
Deep and Faster Positive Changes
"The tools Karin teaches on Advanced Tools for Tough Cases can be used immediately and will deepen your understanding of EFT/MR; These techniques will make your skills more effective in allowing deeper and faster positive changes in your clients. It is only my first week back and I'm already using these additional tools. The tools have included "You ARE in Charge of your Emotions", "Energy Movement", "Timeline Access," "Messages From the Body," "Muscle Testing to find a Core Event," and more. Thank you, Karin. Please let practitioners know how important this training is." - Brian Lynch, MS, CCHT, Cert Emotional Intelligence Practitioner  

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting are powerful therapies, Additional knowledge and practice can only improve your skill. Karin's course in the UK is a one-time offer and I encourage you to take advantage of her exceptional wealth of knowledge. There is limited seating so reserve your seat as soon as you can! 

This Workshop Made Me Energized!
"I just wanted to say that usually I am exhausted after a conference, but not this time. I am energized and excited about the learning I received on the weekend.  Karin presented the material in a fun, lively way that kept me engaged and curious throughout both days. Two great things were Karin's enthusiasm and obvious genuine love of her students...." - Shelley Timoffee

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The newly refurbished Crowne Plaza Hotel is in the center of Beautiful Stratford, situated on the river, a few minutes walk from the world famous Shakespeare theater and historic town centre. There is an abundance of accommodation in Stratford with Premier Inn and Travelodge hotels within short walking distance, dozens of other hotels, a multitude of B+Bs, Airbed opportunities, a huge Free Car park for those traveling in to the course each day and just 8-9 minutes walk from Train station.  

WS - Tools for Tough Cases 2-day Workshop